Public Benefit Corporation Formation

Eric Sullivan

Tagged as PBC

I used clerky to form this Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). It went really fast, until I tried to get my foreign qualification in my home state of Massachusetts. That step is required to open a bank account in MA. I forwarded my paperwork to the Commonwealth at the beginning of January and was promptly rejected. I needed a certificate of good standing. I requested that from Delaware on 1/10. The check was cached on 1/26, but I still haven’t received the certificate. The form allows you to specify a priority. I’d suggest not using the default…

The other update is that I’m close to launching. I wanted to finish the Foreign Qualification / Bank account setup first, and so I’ve spent time working on new features. You can now see everyone you’ve shared data with, and add or remove additional contact data. I’m also adding organizations this week. It’s a pretty basic approach, but I want to limit OAuth2 to organizations, so I need to get them implemented.

Finally, I need to work on marketing this product. I spend far too much time on Hacker News, but I never comment or post. However, I just read an article titled, Do things, tell people, and it motivated me to go a bit out of my comfort zone and comment. It also prompted this post. Severus will be live soon, and then I need to write up more on the tech stack - It’s a Phoenix Liveview application hosted on I also promised a friend that I’d go on his Podcast, so this is me committing to that in writing.