Severus: Announcing Support for Organizations and OAuth2 Clients

Eric Sullivan

Tagged as severus, oauth2, elixir, authentication, organization, subscriptions, identity

Severus uses Ory Hydra, an excellent OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect Server. From the initial release, Severus has used that technology to handle it’s own authorization, so adding the ability for users to create their own clients was naturally on the roadmap. However, OAuth2 is primarily a business feature, and we didn’t have organizations… until now.

Today we’re announcing the release of organizations. When you create an organization, you’ll be issued your own subdomain (like, and you can then use your personal account to sign into that site. At that point you can manage the businesses contacts, respond to invitations, and chat with customers as your business. Soon we’ll be adding the ability to have multiple users in the organization with different permissions, as well as more advanced enterprise features (like SCIM integration). You can create an organization now, but if you’d like to also create OAuth2 clients contact us and we’ll adjust your subscription. If you want you use OAuth2 for a personal account we can also adjust your subscription.

This release also coincides w/ personal and organization subscriptions. We’re still integrating a payment processor, so all fees are temporarily being waved. Just connect with Intever Co and request an upgrade.

Finally, if you’re an Elixir developer looking to add OAuth2 to your site keep and eye on this blog and our github page, as we’ll be adding example integrations soon. I am also available to pair if you want to reach out. We already have TOTP, Unknown Devices, and adaptive MFA. I’ll be working on WebAuthn and the additional NIST digital identity guidelines. If that sounds fun we should connect, because not everyone has the same definition of fun as I do.