The Contact Management System with Connections

What happens after you've shared your phone number? What happens when it changes? If you created the connection with Severus, you can see a list of everyone you've shared your contact information with, and choose which people and businesses will automatically get your updated information.

Start Connecting

A mission to improve your privacy

Intever Co. is a public benefit corporation with a goal of improving your privacy. Our foundational product, Severus, uses a combination of patent-pending technology and legal agreements to protect your identity.

When you share your email with a business, you're not only allowing them to communicate with you, but you're also sharing a unique global identifier with them. Those global identifiers make it even easier to share, sell, and aggregate your data across multiple platforms. With Severus, we're removing global identifiers and replacing them with connections.

Each connection is unique between two entities. From a privacy perspective, that means you appear as a different person to every business you interact with. Combined with privacy protecting communications features, such as random email addresses and integrated chat, it means you'll be able to communicate with the business, but you will never be identified by a globally unique identifer.